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When Pandemic Unemployment Ends, Bankruptcy Can Help

With the end of the additional pandemic unemployment, it may be time to look at what options you have. It is important to understand all the rules surrounding unemployment so you do not end up having less money than anticipated. Here are Florida’s guidelines to start. As it stands, July 25 was the end date for this additional money. If you have not been called back to work, here are some things you can consider.

pandemic unemployment

Alternate Options to Pandemic Unemployment

If returning to work is not an option for you, one option you may have is to look into a new job. If you believe you will be called back to work, you can look into something temporary to fill the gap in lost unemployment such as a temp agency. You could search for smaller, part-time work as an option as well. You could consider independent work online through a site such as Upwork. If you need something more drastic, you could consider bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy could offer a few different options.

Chapter 7 is a way to wipe out most debts. Consult with an attorney to review your case so you know which debts may not be discharged. You can file bankruptcy once every 8 years so be sure to include all of your debts.

Is Bankruptcy an Option for Me?

Chapter 13 can offer you a plan in which your debts can be repaid over time. This can allow you to keep your house and car. A Chapter 13 plan can last about 60 months and can give you a reasonable time-frame in which to make payments.

Be Sure to Get Advice

It is best to ask questions so you are as educated as possible. Most team offer free consultations. They can evaluate the details of your specific case helping to determine what would be the best next steps for you.

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