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What happens after I file bankruptcy?

What happens after I file bankruptcy

When the time comes to file bankruptcy you will receive a 341 notice of the meeting of creditors. This is scheduled about 30 days after your filing. All of the creditors listed in your bankruptcy are notified of your bankruptcy and are given the opportunity to come to the meeting to ask potential questions about cash advances or determine discrepancies. But don’t worry! Although it can happen, to be honest, it is rare. Unless the debt is a personal family member, friend, or possibly a previous partner, the larger creditors will not bother to come.

The court will assign a trustee to your case. The trustee will be responsible for overseeing and administering the bankruptcy estate. They will ask for your most recent financials like pay stubs, bank statements, and recent years of tax returns. These documents can vary by trustee. At the time of the meeting, you will go to the courthouse to the assigned room of your meeting. There will be a lot of other people that will be there in the same room. The trustee sits in front and each person is called up to go over their case. They will swear you in and ask for your ID, social security card, and all your financial documents. They will ask a series of questions to determine the values you have listed on your petition for property, the assets you may potentially have, any claims you may have to money or property, any property you may have sold or transferred, anything that is owed to you, and basically determine the possibility that you may have any assets that need to be distributed.

This meeting is very standard and usually only lasts about 3 minutes. If there are any issues that need to be resolved, the meeting can be continued to a later date. You will walk out the door with the weight of the world leaving your shoulders!

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